About Us


We’ve been serving East Nashville families since 2016. We would love to meet yours.

Welcome to Chiro Nash, conveniently located on Gallatin Ave in the heart of East Nashville. We serve our community by offering holistic, preventative, and corrective spinal care to families and individuals. Our approach to care focuses on understanding and correcting the causes of chronic pain and disease.


James Beuerlein, D.C.

Dr. James is a Nashville native and long time chiropractic patient. His own health transformation began when he experienced a complete resolution of the chronic seasonal allergies in his early twenties after beginning chiropractic care. Since then his passion for health has only deepened as he devoted his life to helping others experience the same.

He loves spending time with his wife, Dr. Alissa, and three boys. His children have all been adjusted since birth and have been living examples of the incredible health that the body naturally exhibits. He and his family love being “weird” and reaping the uncommon health benefits of going against the grain.

He has a degree in Linguistics and Biblical Languages, and speaks several languages. He loves super hero movies, seeing people’s bodies express their innate health potential, building things with his sons, going on dates with his wife, and watching the Olympics (summer and winter!). He is an avid reader and podcast listener - ask him if you need a recommendation!


Alissa Beuerlein, Ph. D., LPC-MHSP.

Dr. Alissa Beuerlein has practiced counseling since 2009 and has counseled diverse populations in a variety of settings.

While she sees clients with a various issues, Dr. Alissa specializes in complex trauma and uses Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). She completed her dissertation focused on sex trafficking.

She is a clinical member of TLPCA and presented in Nashville at the 2012 annual Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselor Association (TLPCA) conference on sex trafficking and counseling. Dr. Alissa also presented at the TLPCA conference in 2016 on psychogenic non epileptic seizures (PNES). She is a clinical member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).

Dr. Alissa is married to Dr. James and they have three boys and two dogs.


Anna Benefield , Office Manager

Anna attended the University of North Alabama where she studied Human Resource Management. She moved to Nashville in 2010, and quickly fell in love with the city.

For years, Anna suffered with migraines and digestive issues, and saw her own health transformation through chiropractic care. Seeing how chiropractic changed her life so dramatically, she developed a passion for seeing the same health changes for the rest of the community.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys drawing and spending quality time with her fiance Matthew, and her dog Jasmine.