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Getting Beyond
Back Pain

Back pain is often a complicated interplay of injury, posture, and daily activities that take their toll on the structures in and around the spine. On a purely biomechanical level, injuries can occur to the discs, ligaments, supporting muscles, and joints. Ordinarily the spine and surrounding tissues are highly resilient and resistant to injuries unless other factors are at play.

These injuries are often perpetuated by poor posture that leads to recurrences of the injury and results in chronic back pain. This complexity is the reason we don’t stop at simply achieving pain relief - we want to correct the structures in the spine that are putting undue stress on the injured tissues! Restoring spinal curvatures, posture, and weight bearing is the only way to achieve true long term results. 

Beyond the musculoskeletal system, chronic back pain can also be indicator of more severe conditions. Having a seasoned doctor who knows how to tell get to the cause can make all the difference. Never been checked in this level of detail? Request an appointment today and experience the difference.

New Patient Evaluation Process:

  1. We will conduct a thorough health history as part of your new patient evaluation

  2. We will examine your posture and range of motion, and conduct a nervous system scan

  3. Dr. James will examine every level of your spine and discuss your history with you

  4. If any x-rays are needed, we will take them on your first visit

  5. Dr. James will perform his analysis of your exam results, and you will receive your first adjustment on your second visit to the office