Our bodies are designed to move. While many of us struggle with trying to find the “best” exercise to help us achieve our goals, to others just the word “exercise” can be an emotional trigger. The good news is that you don’t have to be in the gym for hours a day to see improvements in energy, mood, flexibility, balance, and waistline. Finding a way to stay active should bring joy and relief - not be yet another stream for you to experience stress. By dispelling myths about the “correct” form of exercise, and helping you finding what works for your body - you can reap all the benefits of regular exercise in a way that feels like play.

I have been a chiropractic patient periodically for 20 years. This place is “new and improved” chiropractic care! The staff and Dr James truly care about your overall health and are super committed to helping you improve. Instead of just putting you on a table and manipulating your spine right away for temporary relief, they take x-rays and show you what is going on and how they want to develop a plan to help eliminate your pain.

They also have a great children’s area so you can take your kids .... huge plus in my book!! Dr James is involved in the East Nashville community and so open and accepting too.

If you are a committed crossfitter like me and want to help prevent back injury - or just want improved health, it really is a great place to set you on the right path!
— Terri L.