Every Corrective Care patient receives a personalized Home Care Routine, as they work to retrain posture and improve the condition of the spine. Below you will find instructional videos for each of the prescribed Home Care stretches and exercises. If you have any other questions about your Home Care, please ask Dr. James.

Introduction to Home Care

Warm up: Wobble Exercises

Isometric: Cervical Flexion

Isometric: Cervical Extension

Isometric: Chest Expander

Isometric: Lumbar Extension

Isometric: Psoas Lift

Warm up: Cervical Traction

Isometric: Alar Ligament Exercise

Isometric: Cervical Dorsal

Isometric: Cervical Traction Pull

Isometric: Praying Mantis

Anterior L5 (Spondylolisthesis) Stretches

Psoas Stretch