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Nutrition for Life

The adage “You are what you eat” has come to be more important than ever in our modern world. From crops losing nutritional content due to soil depletion, the addition of harmful chemicals along every step of the industrial food chain, and misinformation about nutrition in the media and online - taking a closer look at what fuels you is not just for health nuts like us - its for everyone.

Whether your goal is losing weight, having more energy, improving digestion, optimizing performance, or just being healthy and preventing disease - we will help guide one step at a time. No fad diets here, just a solid, holistic approach to food that will help you establish a new and better “normal”.


What’s involved in a nutrition consultation?

We will provide you with a detailed food and activity journal to complete every day for 7 days. It’s important you complete this honestly; there are no wrong answers. Dr. James will meet with you privately in the office to discuss your 7 day journal, your personal goals, and an action plan to help you reach your nutrition goals and create healthy habits.

I’m a new patient, can I schedule a nutrition consultation?

Definitely! Whether you are already seeing us for corrective spinal care or are brand new to our office, we would love to discuss Nutrition for Life with you.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a nutrition consultation is built into the cost of your corrective care plan. If you are not already a corrective spinal care patient, we would be happy discuss your Nutrition for Life plan one on one.